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Unformatted text preview: Rebellion & Emancipation Rebellion Missionaries Missionaries Methodist – abolitionists in Britain, Methodist timid in W.I. timid Quakers - abolitionists Baptists – justice on this earth Anglican – religion of the planter class/ Maroons Missionary Piety Missionary “. . . all those in the all planting line. . . seldom or never attend any religious institution, nor do they read pious books themselves nor enjoin their children to do so.” children Planters and Missionaries Planters “. . . A cloud of cloud itinerant preachers who had hastened to exchange a parish pittance in England for a lucrative profession in the West Indies” West Missionaries and Slaves Missionaries From From fundamentally different to similarity and brotherhood brotherhood Paternalistic – Paternalistic create slaves in their own image their Respectability: Knibb Respectability: Patriarchal Patriarchal gender relations same as their own. Expected and Expected demanded moral and religious authority authority Christian Exclusivity: Phillippo Christian Two Two categories of slaves: depraved African or redeemed Christian. Christian. Black Baptists – African Lens Black This world orientation rather than “credit” This religion religion Dreams over doctrine Could enforce respectability Afro-Creole Religion Afro-Creole Obeah and Myal Obeah – Obeah man was private practitioner Obeah – Myalman was a group leader Christian dualism overlay British Guyana British Demerara / Guyana Demerara Four of ten slaves Four African born African Prices drop = Prices increase production increase Missionaries and Slaves Missionaries John Smith - London John Missionary Society Missionary “not a word must escape not you in public or private which might render the slaves dissatisfied with their station.” their Teaching Slave Children Teaching 1823 rebellion – 1823 Bachelor’s Adventure Adventure Smith arrested, put Smith on trial and condemned to hang. hang. Pardoned by Pardoned British king British Ammunition Abolition Campaign Ammunition Baptist War - Jamaica Baptist Native Baptists Native Ticket and Ticket leader system leader Break-off Break-off churches churches Competing Competing religion religion Samuel Sharp (1801-1832) Samuel Insatiable thirst for Insatiable freedom: “I would rather die upon yonder gallows than live in slavery.” Spiritual Leader Spiritual Leader of Native Baptist congregation Leader Seen as having greater authority and Seen leadership than either obeah man or myal man because they controlled the superior power of Christianity power Baptist War Baptist Labor strike – dramatize the necessity for Labor immediate emancipation immediate Missionaries told just before rebellion Christmas 1831 the upheaval slave owners feared and missionaries denied “The militia were bent on vengeance and among them were individuals The whose political rancour approached insanity.” whose Assessment Assessment “Samuel Sharpe was Samuel the man whose active brain devised the project and he had sufficient authority with those around him to carry it into effect. . . I found him certainly the most intelligent and remarkable slave I ever met with.” ever Aftermath Aftermath Colonial Church Union - called for expulsion Colonial of Baptists from Jamaica of Before they could be stopped they burned Before down eleven Baptist churches down Missionaries become emancipationists William Knibb 1803-1845 William Finally convinced Lord Finally Howick, parliamentary undersecretary at the Colonial Office, to pursue emancipation immediately Emancipation: August 1, 1833 Emancipation: A monstrous halfmile-long petition, mile-long sewn and pasted together signed by 350,000 women. 350,000 Afro-Caribbean Agency Afro-Caribbean Afro-Creole expose ambiguity inherent in the Afro-Creole idea of a Christian slave. idea Visibility of Afro-Creole culture Intentional action toward freedom by enslaved Intentional Africans Africans ...
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