Emancipation - Jamaica (PowerPoint)

Emancipation jamaica powerpoint

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Unformatted text preview: Emancipation: Jamaica Emancipation: Imposing Freedom Imposing White Planter Class Government Governor – appointed position from Governor Britain Britain Jamaican Agent – the official Jamaican representative of the colony in London representative Colonial Office in London could Colonial override an assent by Governor of legislation of Jamaican Assembly legislation Mandate Mandate Imposed emancipation Attempts to eliminate Attempts planter political control over the newly liberated blacks blacks Terms of Emancipation Terms Abolitionists enough power to enact but Abolitionists not enforce not Enabling legislation left to the Jamaican Enabling assembly. Attitudes Attitudes “He has no He mechanical habit of industry. He has no idea of any obligation to be industrious for industry’s sake, no conception of any essential dignify in labor itself, no delight in gratuitous toil.” in Land of Our Own Land “We must not be We deluded. Our present apprentices will answer our necessities only in proportion to the facilities of their becoming petty settlers being withheld from the...
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