Emancipation - Jamaica (PowerPoint)

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Unformatted text preview: m.” from Immigration Schemes Immigration Immigrati n schemes – schemes Asian Indians, Chinese laborers laborers Continuation of Force: Treadmill Continuation Mulatto Class Mulatto Jamaican Assembly 1813 Jamaican “The free people of colour in this island The have no right or claim whatever to political power, or to interfere in the administration of the Government as by law established in the Governor, Council, or Assembly.” or Mulatto Campaign for Rights Mulatto Co-editor of Watchman Co-editor with Edward Jordan Civil Rights for Mullatto Class Civil In 1830, mulattos pushed through an In act giving themselves full civil rights. Vote, hold office, sit in Jamaican Vote, Assembly, access to King’s House Assembly, European Values European Saw Jamaica as their home. Saw Most tended to jealously guard their Most privileges from encroachment from those below those Respectable gender roles Mulatto Women Mulatto Afro Creole Women William Gordon Gordon Born 1820 to Scottish Born planter and slave woman woman Leader of the Native Leader Baptist Movement 1843 elected to 1843 Jamaican Assembly Jamaican Jamaican Census 1844 Jamaican Total population: 377,433 Afro-Creole: 293,128 (77.7%) Mulatto...
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