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Unformatted text preview: Gender & Culture Gender & Culture Lord Moyne Lord Moyne Problem lay within the Afro­creole community: “the absence of a strong opposing public opinion among a people whose immature minds too often are ruled by their adult bodies.” Maternalism Maternalism Empowered brown women to help their black sisters comply with domesticity Organized mass weddings: wedding rings 10 shillings Jamaican Federation of Women – opposed votes for blacks Black Nationalism Black Nationalism Discourse framed in gender images Black men emasculated by slavery and colonialism Assertion = regaining their manhood Women participated but willing to defer rights Referred to the movement as the ‘manhood movement’ Two Amys: Black and Brown Two Amys: Black and Brown Amy Ashwood Amy Jacques Afro­Creole Afro­Creole Little Tradition Gender: Culture­Specific Gender: Culture­Specific Caribbean society, unlike African society, weak rite of passage into manhood Sex­role remained in doubt for man­child Strong mother/grandmother; father peripheral Displacement Displacement Put mother on pedestal and hold all other women in low esteem Reputation & Respectability Reputation & Respectability Sexual self­control → sexual prowess and virility Family (yard) → peer group (crew/street corner) Bread­winner → ostentatious spending British Education and Queen’s English → verbal performance and adroitness Respectable religions – African­derived religions Response Response Create male only activities Create father figure Express misogyny through song and oral tradition Strengthen the role and position of male *Women unfairly targeted* Steelband Movement Steelband Movement Male Gangs It Wasn't Me Carnival Carnival French Africans excluded; percussion banned Canboulay: grassroots alternative Percussion: oil drums Jab Molassi Jab Molassi Post Post Emancipation Take ownership Creolization Eventually supported by Government Steelband Gangs Steelband Gangs Competition and conflict Saga boys Violence Gender & the Steelband Gender & the Steelband Girls not allowed to participate until 60s Today 15% are girls Musical Lyrics Musical Lyrics Human song: powerful culture­laden medium Calypso ­ Male Vibrato Calypso ­ Male Vibrato “I gave my woman a sugarcane, a sugarcane Very very sweet, I must explain, I must explain And she gave it back much to my surprise, to my surprise I love this flavour I really,really love this flavour but not the size.” (Mighty Sparrow – Bamboo) Rejection Rejection “Don’t think she care about you No matter what she say or do The only thing that turns her on Is when the dollar strong” (Mighty Diamonds) Temptation “Pimper’s Paradise That’s all she was now I feel sorry for the victim” (Bob Marley) Religion Religion Create Male Role Model Create Male Role Model “God is my father and him grow me just the way a son supposed to be grown. He is the perfect father for me.” (Bob Marley) New Gender Constructs New Gender Constructs Rastafari Yard: Female → Male Space Yard: Female Merged with Buru Community Educate the youth Ganja ↔ Reasoning From “petty petty” → “serious business.” Independent of women Independent of women “I first learn to wash me clothes miself, and cook fo’ miself, ya know what I mean? Because if yuh siddongand depend pon her at all times to suh through these sections of livity yuh and be trapped.” Man central to the Family Man central to the Family Male performs domestic tasks: especially cooking Cares for children – especially male children Violence → Peace & Love Violence Roger Mais Create image of Rastaman Peace and Love to end persecution of Blackheartman Control of Women Control of Women “The daughter or woman that show her legs in the congregation must be put out of the audience of brethren because she is selling flesh for popularity and contributes to the society of lust.” New Gender Constructions? New Gender Constructions? Initially repression of women Never uniform in all groups Strong, powerful contribution from Rastafari Queens Reemerges? Reggae → Dancehall ...
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