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Conversation #3 Background: The Harder They Come is a film directed by Jamaican Perry Henzell, shot entirely in Jamaica with a Jamaican cast. The film, released in 1973, dramatizes the true story of a 1940s gunman nicknamed Rhygin. Henzell, however, situates the film in the modern period of Reggae music, Rastafari, and the political/gun violence of the 1970s Sistren Theater Collective was established in 1977 by Honor Ford Smith of the Creative Arts Centre at the University of the West Indies and historian Joan French with funds from Michael Manley’s Emergency Employment Program. Sistren drew on the Afro- Creole tradition of storytelling and ‘giving testimony’ to vocalize their experience and challenge oppression in post-independence Jamaica. Sistren held performances throughout the island for both male and female working class audiences. The Employment Program was terminated in 1980. Lionheart Gal was published in 1987. Assignment:
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