Concepts and Overviews - Sociology 2031-001 Social Problems...

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Sociology 2031-001 Social Problems Section 1 Overview and Supplemental Materials 1 The primary purpose of this document is to help focus your final study efforts for the first exam by summarizing the ‘big - picture’ themes of the course. The ‘big - picture’ material is intended to help you identify how the readings fit with our course theme, the contributions and relevance of each reading, the relationships between them, recurring themes, and also key ideas, claims and arguments that are worth particular attention. Some of the material included here may show up in test questions directly: where that is true, the material has been covered in class or elsewhere in the readings, it is important content to know and the applicable material is specifically marked by underline or by notation [Exam Material]. Where to focus your attention: The emphasis for the exam is with recognition and understanding of the contributions and significance of the readings. Studying lists, definitions, key words and other details will not be as helpful as a review of introductory material, course themes, and lecture material about the issues and challenges researchers and society face in trying to understand and respond to issues in society. As you review, ask yourself why this reading was assigned. Your responses to this question will better prepare you for the exam than memorizing details. The questions will all relate directly to the assigned readings and will draw heavily from material included in the outlines, but the particular form they take and the visibility of correct answers will depend on heavily on what we have discussed in class and the big picture. As you organize your notes, try to keep in mind those particular Big Picture questions: How each reading fits with our course theme: what does this reading tell us, or illustrate for us, about the challenges researchers face in studying social problems and society in trying to deal with social problems? The contributions and relevance of each reading: what are the particular ideas that this reading contributes and what is it about those ideas that are important to us? The relationships between readings: where do the readings fit together, overlap, support, contradict, or alternately identify or explain conditions, causes or consequences? Recurring themes in the readings: what ideas, points, perspectives or interpretations of society or social issues show up repeatedly? Key ideas, claims and arguments in each reading: in addition to the points listed in the outlines, what else about each reading are particularly important to identify and understand? Seeing the ‘Big Picture’ In this first section of the course we focused on reading material and discussions that helped us to identify the issues and challenges we face as individuals and as a society when trying to understand and respond to social problems. Researchers have to deal with the preexisting descriptions and meanings given to the objects and practices of society. Members of society
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Concepts and Overviews - Sociology 2031-001 Social Problems...

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