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Reading and Lecture Notes - Bauman - Social Problems SOCY...

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Social Problems SOCY 2031 Spring 2010 Reading and Lecture Notes: Bauman Bauman is a critical theorist but you can also see influences of symbolic interaction in his ideas. [Some wording has been paraphrased to clarify] Goal of Sociology: to help us see through our experience and to show how the apparently familiar aspects of life can be interpreted in a novel way and seen in a different light. The intention is not to ‘correct’ your thinking or your knowledge or replace what you believe with unquestionable truth, but to encourage critical thinking, scrutiny of unquestioned beliefs and to promote a habit of self-analysis and of questioning the views that pretend to be certainties. What Distinguishes Sociology: seeing human actions in context of wider configurations, non-random acts and mutual dependency. Probability of action and chance of success is dependent on what other people are doing or may do. Sociology: studies the ordinary experiences of ordinary people in everyday life and the knowledge pursued is in theory accessible to everyone, everyday. Sociology: can help us see the social in the individual and the general in the particular. Other ways we explain our world is through common- sense, which Bauman describes as, “that rich yet disorganized, non-systematic, often inarticulate and ineffable knowledge we use to conduct our daily
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Reading and Lecture Notes - Bauman - Social Problems SOCY...

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