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Social Problems SOCY 2031 Spring 2010 Reading and Lecture Notes: Blakely Blakely - “He’s a Feminist, But…” from Gender Reader This short reading offers the contribution of an idea from feminist theory that of questioning the degree to which one can successfully understand the position of someone from a group different than one’s own The primary point from Blakely is the fact that men can indeed change stance toward women and be more egalitarian but still fail to achieve empathy
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Unformatted text preview: • Men cannot imagine themselves as wife/mother/daughter/sister/lover/secretary/ • waitress, which limits their capacity to really understand women • In contrast, she argues, women have had to recognize and respond to men’s needs for centuries in order to survive • An important question to ask is whether Blakely’s point can be further applied to argue that an individual who is part of a dominant group can indeed change stance toward subordinate groups but fail to achieve empathy...
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