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Reading and Lecture Notes - Konradi - Introduction

Reading and Lecture Notes - Konradi - Introduction - Social...

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Social Problems SOCY 2031 Spring 2010 Reading and Lecture Notes: Konradi - Introduction Angela s story is meant to illustrate the contradiction between what is generally understood to be the truth about the lives of people struggling to survive in our society and the reality of the personal struggles and effort that accompany the lives of people living in difficult situations. As Konradi tells us, offers of problems, significance and solutions abound in our society. Meaningfully, they offer a big-picture perspective for use to consider: 1. the ways social life and cultural beliefs are organized by world and state economies and political systems, and by class, race, and gender 2. the ways that individuals, making decisions within the realm of opportunities and options available to them, reproduce and sometimes challenge patterns of inequality 3. the ways that conditions and issues come to be widely accepted as social problems
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