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Social Problems SOCY 2031 Spring 2010 Reading and Lecture Notes: Mills Mills: Sociological Imagination Critical Theory Perspective: People’s lives are shaped by larger forces but the individual is important, people have agency, can act purposefully, options and outcomes shaped by structure but individual is empowered/ purposeful. Sociological Imagination: The ability to connect the seemingly impersonal and remote forces of history to the incidents of an individual’s life. It is the gaining of perspective about one’s own biography by gaining understanding of the larger history of structure and institution in society. Learning to avoid the trap of powerlessness and anxiety that comes from trying to explain personal experiences in our vast and rapidly changing world using only the evidence of one’s immediate realm. Learning to understand the relationship between our own personal troubles and the public
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Unformatted text preview: issues of social structure Three important questions that social scientists ask (according to Mills):  What is the structure of this particular society as a whole (components, meanings, difference from others)?  Where does this society stand in human history (evolution, place, time)?  What varieties of men and women now prevail in this society and in this period (who and what qualities encouraged, thwarted)? The two important poi nts Mill’s makes about values:  When people feel their values are threatened they experience a crisis which they see either as personal trouble or as public issue  When people are without values and do not feel threatened they become indifferent and when people are without values but do feel threatened they experience anxiety...
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