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Social Problems SOCY 2031 Spring 2010 Reading and Lecture Notes: Perkins and Wechsler, “Perceived College Drinking Norms and Alcohol Abuse” article 30 in Troubled Times. This reading by Perkins and Wechsler is useful for several reasons. It provides an example more typical of work published in one of the scientific journals: abstract, introduction, literature review, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, reference list. Most of the work students read in undergraduate courses is straight theory or condensed material that skips most or all of the methods and results sections of the published work. It also follows the hypothesis, test of hypothesis element of the scientific method typical of published work in many fields. It also helps explain by example how the scientific community disciplines the work of the scientist: rigorous study of prior work in both research and methods, expertise in a particular area, respect for prior work and other researchers in a given field, peer review, and open disclosure of methods and data. The authors have studied a field, identified an area of interest and looked for any gaps in the existing literature, have an idea, shape it into a hypothesis, gather data, test their hypothesis and then write everything up in a paper and submit it for publication. The article also illustrates the reality of most hypotheses and tests for significance: any given variable
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Reading and Lecture Notes - PerkinsWechsler - Social...

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