Wk05Day13 handouts - Week05Day13100210 GoalsfortheDay...

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1 Week 05 Day 13 100210 For Today: 8:00 – 8:10: Questions about Goldberg: Issue 1, Should Laws Against Drug Use Remain Restrictive 8:10 – 8:15 – Sample Exam Question Goals for the Day 8:10 8:15 Sample Exam Questions 8:15–8:30–Feb 10 th groups comments 8:30–8:40 – Perkins and Wechsler: Perceived College Drinking Norms and Alcohol Abuse Time Permitting – Film: Spin the Bottle For Friday: Exam 1 Questions
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2 1) Which theoretical perspective is most often and best associated with qualitative research methods? A Critical Theory Exam 1 Question Examples: A. Critical Theory B. Symbolic Interaction C. Structural Functionalism D. Social Disorganization 2) A point Mill’s makes about values is that when people feel their values are threatened they experience a: A crisi Exam 1 Question Examples: A. crisis. B. structure. C. disappointment. D. dysfunction. 3) According to Hochschild, the emphasis on opportunity and success obscures the fact that our basic institutions are designed to: A provide opportunities for while males Exam 1 Question Examples: A. provide opportunities for while males. B. keep people too busy to rebel.
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Wk05Day13 handouts - Week05Day13100210 GoalsfortheDay...

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