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1 Week 06 Day 17 100219 For Today: Exam 1 Groups Altheide: Politics of Fea Goals for the Day Altheide: Politics of Fear Derber: Wilding of America For Wednesday: Klare: Resource Wars Greider: One World Dropped from syllabus Kuletz: Nuclear Landscape Exam Results: Still pending. Office sent me two copies of Monday exam and no results for Friday exam From review of partial materials Exam Several questions high results all quartiles One question for Mon group clearly an issue Many show high upper quartile, dismal lower quartile Grade range is from nearly perfect to less than expected by merely guessing Expect curve but intend to do so based on iClicker records–i.e. based on those that regularly attend class
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Groups: Sheet clarifying assignment posted on CULearn Includes comments to earlier groups Group scheduled for Feb 24 postpone until Friday Groups and go with Feb 26 group Mar 1 and Mar 3 groups both go on Mar 5 One decision pending on reading schedule, then revise both syllabus and activity schedule Choose topics/groups for film critique Wed Juergensmeyer’s and Derber’s articles argue for very different social causes of terrorism but both connect their explanation to changes in global power and economic structure Section Comments Altheide provides another example of social change connected to the actions of various interests and this argument may, but also may not, connect to changes in larger global economic and political structures – something to contemplate [T]he politics of fear refers to decision makers' promotion and use of audience beliefs and assumptions about danger, risk, and fear in be a series of events and accounts about "what should be done."
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Wk07Day18 handouts - Week06Day17100219 GoalsfortheDay...

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