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Philosophical Aspects of Feminism PHL 356 – Winter 2009 Course Syllabus C 206 Wells Hall Syllabus Contents 1. Office Hours & Contact Information There are no Office Hours on Days Class is Cancelled 2. Course Text: Available at the Student Bookstore 3. Instructional Objectives No Electronic Submissions Accepted: You Must Submit a Hard Copy of All Written Work 6. Mapped Grading Scale E-Mail Answered 4 Days a Week, Monday through Thursday For Appointment: <edwar366@msu.edu> 535 South Kedzie Hall 2. Course Text (Available at The Student Bookstore, 421 E. Grand River Avenue, Tel. 1.517.351.4210) Theorizing Feminisms: A Reader , Eds. Elizabeth Hackett and Sally Haslanger, Oxford University Press: New York, 2006 (ISBN-13:978-0-19-515009-4) 3. Instructional Objective In this course, we explore feminist theory from the liberal sameness approach, the gynocentric difference approach and the radical/dominance approach.
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4 I. Background Concepts 01/12 Young's Five Faces of Oppression 01/15 Haslanger's Gender and Social Construction 01/20 Wendell's The Social Construction of Disability 01/22 Grillo's Anti-Essentialism and Intersectionality 01/27 Narayan's Cross-Cultural Connections, Border-Crossings, and "Death by Culture" 01/29 Alcoff's The Problem of Speaking for Others II. General Approaches to Sex Oppression 02/10 Due: Take Home Mid-Term #1 02/10 Mill's The Subjection of Women 02/12 Nussbaum's Human Capabilities, Female Human Beings 02/17 Schechter's Social Change on Behalf of Battered Women 02/24 Crenshaw's Mapping the Margins
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femthy_syll - Philosophical Aspects of Feminism PHL 356...

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