Chapter 13 – Marketing

Chapter 13 – Marketing - Chapter 13...

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Chapter 13 – Marketing: Building Customer Relationships - Marketing – The process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods and services to facilitate exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives o Evolution of the Field of Marketing Production Era – Produce as much as you can Selling Era Marketing Concept Era Customer orientation – find out what customers want and provide it for them Service orientation – make sure everyone in the organization has the same objective; customer satisfaction Profit orientation – focus on goods and services that will earn the most profit Customer Relationship Era – Customer relationship management is the process of learning as much as possible about customers and doing everything you can to satisfy them and exceed expectations - The Marketing Mix – The ingredients that go into a marketing program; product, price, place, and promotion (the four P’s) o Designing a Product to meet needs Product
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Chapter 13 – Marketing - Chapter 13...

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