WK 3 DQ 1and 2 - WK 3 DQ 1 due day 2 Discussion Question 1...

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WK 3 DQ 1 due day 2 Discussion Question 1 Due Date: Day 2 [post to the Main forum] Post your response to the following: Provide one example each of classical and operant conditioning in your own life. Identify either the stimulus and response or reinforcers in each case. Which type would you prefer for learning and why? First, classical conditioning occurred through my life when I had to learn English grammar from a worksheet approach using a stop watch. My teacher was very strict, so the timer sounded when I had to reveal my answers. The stimulus was the timer. My response was typically anxiety over choosing the correct answer under such pressure. Learning was reinforced by the worksheets because if I missed a question or made an error, I had to begin again from scratch. An example of operant conditioning occurred when I learned handwriting skills. When I made a perfect cursive letter, my teacher used a sticker as a rein forcer. The stimulus, I feel, was praise. When it was given, I performed better. My response was better handwriting skills. When assessing which type I prefer for learning and why, it is definitely operant conditioning because praise and positive reinforcement motivated me in a safe, supportive environment. On the other hand, the first type caused too much anxiety and hindered my learning. Or use this one With classical conditioning a person links certain scenarios with outcomes the lead to feelings or reactions, eventually the scenario directly causes that feeling or reaction to occur. An example of this is with my daughter, Ava. Before she knew what car keys were she would think nothing of
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them when I picked them up. After I picked them up I would walk over to her and say goodbye
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WK 3 DQ 1and 2 - WK 3 DQ 1 due day 2 Discussion Question 1...

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