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Check Point: Personality 1 Running head: CHECK POINT: PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT AND THEORIES Check Point: Personality Assessment and Theories You’re Name Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Check Point: Personality Assessment and Theories The main thing to remember is that the psychodynamic theory of personality is closely related to conventional psychoanalysis. Because the information is buried in the subconscious, the subject does not have access to information on a conscious level that can assist the interviewer, so an objective test is not particularly useful. Psychodynamic theories method of assessing would be projective tests and personal interviews. Humanistic theories are the drive towards personal growth and higher levels of functioning. Their method of assessing is an objective test and personal interviews. Traits theories are relatively permanent dispositions within the individual that cause the person to think, feel, and act in characteristic ways. Their method of assessment is objective test. Social learning is determined by past reinforcement and
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Check+Point+Personality+Assessment+and+Theories - Check...

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