Assignment+Problem+solving+Simulation - sent the cat over...

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Assignment: Problem solving 1 Running head: ASSIGNMENT: PROBLEM SOLVING SIMULATION Assignment: Problem solving Simulation You’re Name Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Assignment: Problem solving Simulation The first step I used to interpret the problem was problem representation. I had to look at the picture and reread the problem in order to figure out which animal I needed to send over on the raft first, but before I did I tried to figure it out in my head. I thought that I could send two animals over at once and then realized that I was unable to so I had to shift my train of thought. I used trial and error to figure out the problem. I first sent the mouse over but the cat and dog got into a fight; so then I figured out the order that needed to be for all the animals to survive. I first
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Unformatted text preview: sent the cat over on the raft then came back and brought the mouse over but brought the cat back over with the dog. Then I sent the dog over with the mouse and went back and picked up the cat. Now they are all on one side. One obstacle I encountered in solving the problem was trying to send two animals on the raft at one time; I tried this repeatedly until I realized you could only send one animal over at a time. Another obstacle I encountered was which animal needed to go over first, which animal needed to come back in order to send the next animal over. I struggled with my thinking process on this for at least ten minutes. I finally realized what I was doing wrong and fixed the problem to fit my thinking process and actions....
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Assignment+Problem+solving+Simulation - sent the cat over...

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