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Week 3 DQ1 All Change at Walt Disney I found this case interesting because it shows how a CEO utilizes his/her power to his advantage without concern for the company, stockholders, or employees. Mr. Eisner take care that he hired a weak board of directors so that his decisions were not questioned. This is unethical and an abuse of power. This unethical behavior hurts all involved with the corporation. Week3 DQ 2 The reason to create laws is because people try to prove themselves better than others which give them a false since of reality that they do no wrong even if it is harmful to others. Ethics are different because they are wrong doings that are not physically harmful to others and are not
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Unformatted text preview: illegal. Ethics and laws are the same because they keep order in a company and try to keep the company funny smoothly and peacefully. EXAMPLE: A Manager decides they do not like one of the employees do to a personal issue outside of work so that manager is strict and gives more work to that employee with shorter deadlines and talks negatively to others within the work place. This is against the company’s ethic guidelines so that employee would need to contact HR to discuss the issue and hopefully get that issue resolved without major punishment. If the problem occurs then the company could possibly terminate that manager....
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