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Developing Good Business Since The three companies that I have chosen are Wal-Mart, Burger King, and Hallmark Cards. All three of these organizations are unique in their own way. Wall mart would be considered a great department store; you can practically find all you need in just one stop. The items that you find in the store are all ready for purchase. The employees in Wal- Mart would be considered sales associates; their primary responsibility is to sale the products and assists the consumers on their purchases. Wal-Mart would use a mass production operating base. They also can be considered a small batch production. In saying that they would ultimately be considered a flexible production. The items that are sold are done in factors and on assembly lines. They have a high value of items that are manufactured at one time. Since Wal-Mart is such a big organization they are using all the sources possible for operating cost. The store uses a plant to complete the labor of making materials, they have inventory in the plant as well as the actual department store.
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