Contingency Theory of Leadership appendix d

Contingency Theory of Leadership appendix d - Participative...

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Axia College Material Appendix D Contingency Theory of Leadership Description of work environment Describe the work environment you intend to review for this assignment. Your Name Landscaping In the table below, categorize different leadership approaches that could be used in the work environment you have described. Provide different suggestions for each of the four approaches to leadership. Directive approach Supportive approach Company training on all equipment involved with the company. Weekly scheduling of work. Talk about work ethics and responsibilities of personnel End of year bonus with review of work performance. . Have an open door policy for employees. Allow for time off when family issues are involved. Express to employees that everyone is the same. Explain and recommend to employees instead of telling what to do.
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Unformatted text preview: Participative approach Achievement-oriented approach Ask for employee input. Ask personnel if they would like to work weekend and with the boss. Have company get together when ever possible. Ask your workers to set high goals and try to achieve them. Honesty and integrity will get them a long way in the company. Allow employees that feel they can perform on there own to show leadership. Leadership recommendation What is your recommendation for the BEST leadership approach for the work environment you described? Explain your recommendation. Participation, it is the companies best interest for the owner to be involved and motivate the personnel to become more self efficient when they see and here how you as the owner got started. BUS 210 BUS 210...
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Contingency Theory of Leadership appendix d - Participative...

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