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Business Organization - stocks Time Warner also gained a...

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Business Organization A form of a joint stock company would be like e-trade, it allows people to purchase stocks on line and the seller or e-trade gets a portion of the profit from the earnings. A form of limited liability would be the Green Bay Packers, people invest their money into the franchise but will gain nothing back, the only thing that can happen is the stock is worthless anyhow and they will lose what they invested. A partnership form would be like how America on line and The Time Warner company. In the merger it allowed for AOL to become more powerful and gain more clients along with more
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Unformatted text preview: stocks, Time Warner also gained a better reputation along with a greater portfolio of clients, when the merger happened the stocks of both companies sky rocketed to thru the roof. And a sole proprietorship company would be Microsoft whose stocks are worth a lot I do not have exact amounts of what they are worth a share but Bill Gates built this company into a multibillion dollar business and it is still worth every penny. The government put a cap on the amount of money it can make in order to keep Microsoft from having a monopoly on the industry....
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