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Assignment: SWOT Analysis 1 Running head: ASSIGNMENT: SWOT ANALYSIS Assignment: SWOT Analysis Name Axia of University of Phoenix
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Assignment: SWOT Analysis The business plan I chose to do a SWOT analysis on would be an internet café. An internet café has a number of strengths. The company will be an LLC and with multiple investors and money purposes. The company has financial backing for at least one year to cover for expenses and in the hope to make a profit. The majority of the business will be share holders and not just owners. The amount of money put in was put in by the Share holders. The business was researched and planned out in order to become a great service and gain a profit in the allotted year. The business is designed around the customer. The business will provide a unique service to the public at a cost that will be affordable. The business plan shows a summary of aspects for the business. The business has a well drawn up Objective showing what it will contribute to the community. The mission of the business will be to show the popularity of the
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Assignment+SWOT+Analysis+ - Assignment: SWOT Analysis...

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