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com150 - interest I am an active member in a stay home...

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Week Three DQ #1 The topic was immigration and immigration reform. I selected this topic because: a.) found it interesting and b.) I would like to know more about what "reforms" are being made and how they affect both the immigrant and non immigrant communities. I found this topic to be of a great deal of interest to me because I live in a mostly immigrant based community and I thought it would be good to inform myself of this type of information so as to know that the people in my area / town have to go through to become citizens. Week Three DQ #2 I visit a few different sites when I go online. I mostly check my mail at yahoo.com, but then I also checks meetups.com where I can check to see if the groups that I subscribe to have any "new" meet up in my area. You see this is a site were people join local groups based on common
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Unformatted text preview: interest. I am an active member in a stay home mom's group. Then of course I come on hear so as to get my certification. I believe these to be all “creditable" web sites; they all contain information that is both reliable and true. I feel that creditability is more important when one is let’s say reading about the news or politics rather than if you are just going onto youtube.com to see a funny baby laughing or something. If one would like to know the “creditability" of a web site you should first consider the source where the information is coming from then you should see if there are any other supporting factors. After all just because something is on the internet doesn't mean it is actually true....
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