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Week One DQ #1 The speech that I selected was titled the Cuban missile crises. It spoke about all things that happened on October 22 like the Spanish flu, and not allowing red dye #22 to be used and of the Cuban missile Cruises and what the United States did in response to finding out that Cuban was manufacturing missals. How they blockaded the waters with the navy and etc. . So I would defiantly characterize this speech as a factual one. Week One DQ #2 There are some very obvious similarities between business communication and a expository essay. For example; both are basis on "fact", both are trying to persuade someone or a group of
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Unformatted text preview: people on their topic, and also grammar is very important. But there are differences, first and for most in a exploratory essay is completely based on fact and in business communication there are "opinions" given in order to persuade the target audience. Facts are a very important in an expository essay; the facts are what will be supporting your idea. Your opinion or idea are the braise or the foundation of the essay, it is what the facts will be proving or disproving....
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