Lab 4 - EE 271 Lab 4 Final Project - An Application Using...

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EE 271 Lab 4 Final Project - An Application Using the Tools University of Washington - Department of Electrical Engineering James K. Peckol Mike Chu Brigette Huang Josh Olsen Brad Emerson Lab Objectives and Overview: The purpose of this lab is to bring many of the things we’ve been studying this quarter together into a final project. We want to learn more about the process of designing and developing digital systems and to use our imagination and creativity as we solve real world engineering problems. For this project, our goals will be to design, develop, and implement a simple digital system of our own design. Prerequisites: Familiarity with Verilog design language, the ispLever and development environment, the SuperPro programmer, the GAL 22V10 gate array, the Quartus IDE, the DE1 board, a little experience in original design, and everything that we haven’t thought of. Nothing to do until the end of the quarter. An ability to play and to have fun, creativity, and money to contribute to the beer fund. Reference Material Reference material for this lab includes: Look on the class web page under documentation then find Using ispLever Starter Software.doc, Vendor data sheets, including that for the GAL 22V10 gate array, Referenced sections from Appendices B and C in the Brown and Vranesic text, 2 nd ed., The DE 1 Board tutorials on the class web page under documentation. Verilog design examples on the class web page, Verilog Tutorial, The articles on LFSRs (linear finite shift registers) for random number generators. Reference material for this lab does not include: Your colleague’s design. - 1 -
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Thoughts and Reflections – People want to Know Does anything really grow in the beer gardens in Muchen? Do they really have a lot of ice in Iceland? Are they really in a hurry in Russia? What do they eat for thanksgiving in Turkey? Do they have a 4 th of July in France? If you went to the Olympics in China, what kinds of plates did they use? Were the Olympics in China taller than those in Washington? If I have a squeak in my car, where should I go? Do they have to water the grass to keep it green in Greenland? Cautions and Warnings The GAL 22V10 is a semiconductor integrated circuit - so is the Altera Cyclone II FPGA. All such circuits are very sensitive….so is your TA … treat them all nicely. They also don’t like static discharge, negative voltages, or negative comments…so doing so is not a good plan. Curiosities: If current circulates, will it make more friends? Does the Altera Cyclone II chip spin around when you connect power to keep it cool? If a fuse blows does it fuse or open? If a CD spins faster closer to the center, why does the music play the same speed? Is the same thing true for a DVD?
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Lab 4 - EE 271 Lab 4 Final Project - An Application Using...

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