State Diagram - !tA rri ve s 0 tArrives en !bOp 1 bOpe n Tr...

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Unformatted text preview: !tA rri ve s 0 tArrives en !bOp 1 bOpe n Tr ol l 2 !no Tro 3 oll ll ot5 tN Tr no ol et r es no l !noT r !tPay s !tP a 4 5 ot !tN ys 5 ot tN 5 tPays 6 ot5 tN 5 ot !tN oss e bO ses ros !tC 5 ot !tN pe n 7 8 s ys tPa !b O pe tCr n 9 re se t 10 se re t 11 re se t 12 re se t 13 se re t 14 water photon lightsaber pass warn phasor ...
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