Lab 3 - EE 271 Lab 3 Sequential Circuits An Application...

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EE 271 Lab 3 Sequential Circuits - An Application Using Verilog, ispLever, Quartus, the GAL 22V10, and the Altera Cyclone FPGA University of Washington - Department of Electrical Engineering James K. Peckol, Brigette Huang, Eddie Chan Lab Objectives and Overview: The purpose of this lab is to study sequential circuits, to continue to enhance our modeling skills using the Verilog language, and to learn more about the design and development of digital systems using sequential arrayed logics. For this project, our goals will be to continue the design, develop, and implementation of the trolling for tolls collection system. Our system will be based upon two simple sequential machines, the first will implement a timing system and the second the trolling for tolls collection system control logic. Prerequisites: Familiarity with Verilog design language, the ispLever and development environment, the SuperPro programmer, the GAL 22V10 gate array, the Quartus IDE, the DE1 board, and just about everything else. Someone’s permission to be in this class. Nothing to do until the end of the quarter. Reference Material Look on the class web page under documentation then find Using ispLever Starter Software.doc, The data sheet for the GAL 22V10 gate array, Referenced sections from Appendices B and C in the Brown and Vranesic text, 2 nd ed., The DE 1 Board tutorials on the class web page under documentation. Cautions and Warnings…not Musings The GAL 22V10 is a semiconductor integrated circuit. All such circuits are very sensitive….so is your TA … treat them both nicely. They also don’t like static discharge, so doing so is not a good plan. Never leave the function generator leads disconnected with the generator turned on. The signal will slowly leak out and the generator will run out of that kind of signal. Never try to pick up stray 0’s or 1’s that may have leaked out of the function generator. Talk with Bill and ask to borrow a bit bucket and scoop to clean them up. - 1 of 7 -
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Never tangle the oscilloscope leads because the electrons will get confused and not know where to go. Never tangle with a lion….if you can’t figure out why…well, never go out in the jungle by your self….even if you think he’s telling the truth. When walking in the forest never dismiss a roll of TP hanging on a tree branch…there may be bears nearby….yes, they do, in the woods. Questions and Musings… Is a baby bear running through the forest with out the bottom part called a bare minimum? Is it true that in Portugal they call Portuguese babies Portugoslings? Is it easier to get ketchup out of a bottle if you are south of the equator where gravity makes things fall down? In the autumn, do they call geese feathers Fall down?
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Lab 3 - EE 271 Lab 3 Sequential Circuits An Application...

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