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Chapter 18; The Rise of Industrial America, 1865-1900 T. White-Schwoch Notes © Travis White-Schwoch, 2006, and are based on Boyer, Clark, Kent, and Salisbury, Sitkoff, and Woloch, The Enduring Vision: A History of the American People . Please do not distribute or reproduce without express permission. For more information visit . KEY QUESTIONS! What innovations in technology and business practices helped launch cast increases in industrial production in the post-Civil War period? How were Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and other corporate leaders able to dominate their rivals and consolidate control over their industries? Why did the South’s experience with industrialization differ from that of the North and the Midwest? How did workers respond to the changing nature of work and the growth of national corporations? In the clash between industry and labor, what tactics enable corporate executives in the 1890s to undercut labor’s bargaining power? THE RISE OF CORPORATE AMERICA The Character of Industrial Change 6 dominating features in post-Civil War large-scaled manufacturing: (1) exploitation of coal as cheap E (2) rapid spread tech in transport, communication, factory (3) need for enormous numbers new workers who could be controlled (4) pressure for competition (5) drop in price levels (6) failure of money supply to keep up w/ pace productivity All factors closely related and worked together Railroad Innovations Fierce compet. btwn factory owners; esp. railroads Railroad companies pioneered large-scale corporate endeavors: stock, separation ownership/management, national distrib/market, new org. structures RR’s amassed huge debt Utilized magnetic telegraph (invented 1837) Consolidating the Railroad Industry State of chaos in ind—not standard products, some owners secretive and manip. RR’s began to masterfully solve problems (standardization, etc.)
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ws_usap_ch18_web - Chapter 18; The Rise of Industrial...

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