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Chapter 19; Immigration, Urbanization, and Everyday Life, 1860-1900 T. White-Schwoch Notes © Travis White-Schwoch, 2006, and are based on Boyer, Clark, Kent, and Salisbury, Sitkoff, and Woloch, The Enduring Vision: A History of the American People . Please do not distribute or reproduce without express permission. For more information visit . KEY QUESTIONS! How did the growth of cities and the influx of immigrants create a new awareness of ethnic and class differences? How were racial stereotypes used to reinforce these distinctions? What was Victorian morality and in what ways did it influence social conventions and patterns of everyday life? How did women’s educational opportunities change in this period, and why did women pioneer new approaches to social welfare? How did the conflict between the working classes and those above them help reshape attitudes toward leisure and recreation at the turn of the century? Why did Americans of different social classes grow disenchanted with Victorian social and intellectual ideals? EVERYDAY LIFE IN FLUXL: THE NEW AMERICAN CITY Migrants and Immigrants “pull factors” were job opps, higher wages, etc.; drew people to cities Exodus led by young farm women; farming increase male wrk (machines) 1860-1890 nearly 10 mill N Europe immigrants; Germans largest group “push factors” for immigrants relig. persecution, famine, better job opp., etc Physicals, sometimes deportation, at arrival; Anglicization of names Adjusting to an Urban Society “Chain migration”—tendency of immigrants to settle near countrymen Easier transition if spoke language, knew cultures, and had skilled trade
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ws_usap_ch19_web - Chapter 19; Immigration, Urbanization,...

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