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APBioMolGenReview - Name Period Date 1 Suppose that in...

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AP Bio Molecular Genetics Review Name: ______________________________ Period: _______ Date: __________ 1. Suppose that in studies of genes on the same chromosome you find the following recombination frequencies: In this case it would be proper to say that a , c , and b are a. linked genes. b. different alleles of the same gene. c. alternative alleles that are not physically possible since the numbers do not add up. d. linked genes that are not physically possible since the numbers do not add up. e. three of the possible alleles for determining a particular trait. 2. Which process generally is the cause for production of recombinant offspring for two genes on the same chromosome? 3. In Drosophila melanogaster there is a sex-linked gene for eye color that is found only on the X chromosome. The allele for red eye color (X w+ ) is dominant over the allele for white eye color (X w ). You examine a vial of 100 flies that are all offspring from a single genetic cross. You find both red-eyed females and white-eyed females as well as both red-eyed males and white-eyed males. The genotypes of the parents were 4. The change in the chromosomes depicted between the top and the bottom in the figure above represents a(n) ____. 5. Examine the pedigree in the figure above, where individuals that have the genetic condition being tested are marked with filled squares or circles. Which of the following inheritance patterns is most likely correct for this condition? a. autosomal dominant b. X-linked recessive c. X-linked dominant d. cytoplasmic inheritance e. autosomal recessive 6. What does transformation involve in bacteria?
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7. What kind of chemical bond is found between paired bases of the DNA double helix?
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  • DNA, DNA ligase D., DNA molecule d., DNA molecule c.