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AP COMPUTER SCIENCE A SYLLABUS MRS. JOHNSON SUPPLIES : You will need a 3 ring notebook or folder for lecture handouts, you may also want to take notes from the book. At a later date you may need a disk or USB drive. You most likely will be transporting programs to and from home and school. You may check out a CD from me to install everything you need at home, however, this can all be done through the links on edline. Please install and return THE NEXT DAY, I only have so many copies to go around. Books – supplied by the school. Please cover it and keep it at home for reading, we will have a classroom set to refer to when needed. GRADES : Please note: Grades for this course are weighted. A 93-100 C+ 77-79 A- 90-92 C 73-76 B+ 87-89 C- 70-72 B 83-86 D+ 67-69 B- 80-82 D 63-66 D- 60-62 Grades will be calculated as follows: Tests and Review Questions: 60% Programming Assignments: 40% Projects will either be checked in class or if the deadline is approaching, handed
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Unformatted text preview: in on a disk. • NO PROGRAMS WILL BE ACCEPTED PAST THE DEADLINES! (if many students need more time I will extend it) PROCEDURES AND EXPECTATIONS: • I expect you to read each section and note any question you have on the material before we discuss it in class. This is a college level text and the read is a tough one, however, by reading each section you will have something to base the lecture on. This is ABSOLUTELY necessary in order for you to follow the lectures. • ABSOLUTELY NO INTERNET USE OR GAME PLAYING IS ALLOWED DURING LAB TIME. If this occurs you will be written up for inappropriate use of computers and may not be able to use the computers during class time. Also, no use of the CD drives is allowed. • Help each other as much as possible. Get to know the others in the class, there is only one of me so use your classmates, they can be a valuable resource to you....
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