Lab5 - Discussion Questions Lab Exercise 5 1 Pacemakers...

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Discussion Questions Lab Exercise 5 1. Pacemakers What are autorhythmic cells? Describe their function and how they affect cardiac muscle contraction. Present a diagram indicating their location within the frog and human heart. Present a diagram of their electrical activity. Autorhythmic cells: self-excitable cells, capable of generating action potentials without external stimulations by nerve cells. Serve as pacemaker cells to initiate cardiac cycle. Can be found in: Sinoatrial (SA) node, in the upper wall of the right atrium. Initiates action potential that spreads through both atria. Atrioventricular (AV) node: receives action potential from the AV node and transmits the impulse to the ventricles. Purkinje fibers: large diameter fibers that conduct action potentials from the septum, down to the apex of the heart, and then upward to through the ventricles. In frogs and all amphibians, the primary pacemaker cells are found between the right atrium and sinus venosus Diagram of a single heart action potential Diagram of Ventricular and Atrial depolarization.
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2. Events of the cardiac cycle Describe the mechanical events during the cardiac cycle. Present a diagram showing the changes in aortic pressure, ventricular pressure, atrial pressure and ECG during systole and diastole. Present and diagram your data in relation to these events. The numbers correspond to the colored lines on
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Lab5 - Discussion Questions Lab Exercise 5 1 Pacemakers...

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