Lab7 - 1/ What is the role of the renal system? Draw a...

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1/ What is the role of the renal system? Draw a diagram of a nephron and explain the movement of Na + , urea, glucose, Cl - and water across the luminal walls of the nephron. How does this promote urine formation and water reabsorption? The main function of the renal system is the maintenance of body fluid homeostasis. The kidneys do this by removing waste products, regulates osmolarity, acid/base balance, hormone secretions, etc. 2/ Define clearance. What are inulin and creatinine? Why are clearance rates for inulin or creatinine good estimators of the GFR? What are the forces that influence GFR and what are their effects upon filtration? How do the juxtaglomerular apparatus and macula densa affect GFR? Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is the measurement of glomerular filtrate volume per minute time and is a useful tool in evaluating kidney’s function However, GFR cannot be directly measured. Rather, it can only be estimated. It is estimated through measuring clearance rate, a rate of which a substance that is cleared per minute time from the plasma. Measured waste products should be naturally produced by the body and is not readily filtered, such as creatinine and inulin which are products of muscle metabolism and a naturally occurring polysaccharide in plants that is not readily reabsorbed respectively. GFR can be regulated by specialized cells called macula densa in the juxtaglomerular apparatus that secrete adenosine which causes vasoconstriction and causes a decrease in blood flow into the glomerulus. Arterial blood pressure is responsible for driving blood into the glomerulus and is directly responsible for the change in glomerular capillary blood pressure.
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Lab7 - 1/ What is the role of the renal system? Draw a...

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