HDE 012 Syllabus - Winter 2010

HDE 012 Syllabus - Winter 2010 - HDE 012 Human Sexuality...

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HDE 012 – Human Sexuality Winter 2010 Class Times: MW 6:10-7:30pm Location: SCLBLH 123 Instructor: Nicole Polen, Ph.D TA: Paula Reynolds Office: 2343 Hart Hall Office: 2420 Hart Hall E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] Office Hrs: Mondays 5-6 pm Office Hrs.: Wednesdays 4-6pm TA: Edward Wu TA: Aleksandra Palchuk Office: 2420 Hart Hall Office: 2341 Hart Hall E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] Office Hrs: Thursdays 1:30-3:30pm Office Hrs.: MW 7:30-8:30pm Required Texts: Crooks, R. & Bauer, K. (2005). Our Sexuality (11 th Edition). Cengage Publishing. Course Goals: Sexual Literacy: To encourage and enable students to develop a greater awareness and understanding of their own and others’ sexuality. To develop sexual literacy surrounding issues involving sexuality as well as terminology and understanding sexual health, physiology, functioning and behaviors To enable students to become aware of and be more able to evaluate the developmental processes and influences through which they have established their own sexual attitudes, values and behaviors. To enable students to communicate more knowledgeably and effectively in intimate relationships. To develop critical thinking by exploring personal sexual related experiences with information presented/learned from class materials To provide a basis for decision making within the context of sexuality and sexual behaviors to safeguard personal health and safety To learn practical skills that protect health, safety and foster better relationships with intimate partners Course Objectives and Expectations: Welcome to Human Sexuality! This course is designed to be an undergraduate level overview of human sexuality. Using a biopsychosocial perspective, we will consider human sexual behavior as an interaction of physiological, psychological and sociocultural processes. We will use a research oriented approach to the study of human sexual behavior. Within this framework, opinions will be de-emphasized so that scientific data and facts can be presented and critically evaluated. This course will not cover the “how to’s” so much as it will emphasize “how come?”, “what function?”, and “why?”.
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This class is about being human, and therefore, is both inherently interesting and often quite humorous! At the same time, we will also address some very sensitive and sometimes difficult topics. I anticipate that each of you will have your system of personal beliefs challenged at some point during the quarter. In fact, it is my hope that the variety of opinions present in this class will broaden all of our perspectives.
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HDE 012 Syllabus - Winter 2010 - HDE 012 Human Sexuality...

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