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HDE 012 W10 - Midterm 1 Study Guide

HDE 012 W10 - Midterm 1 Study Guide - • Understand how...

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Study Guide - Midterm #1 Wednesday, January 27, 2010 Format of First Exam: Labeling of Anatomical Structures Multiple Choice You will Need: UCD Scantron 2000 Form Pencil and Pen Remember: DO NOT BE LATE FOR EXAM! Tips for studying: Concentrating on lecture notes is a good idea but reading the text will give you a more in-depth understanding of important concepts. You will be better prepared for test items if you have read. Below, you will find the main areas of concentration for the exam. Keep in mind, this study guide is not comprehensive…but if you can do all that is below then you will be in a good place in taking the exam. Sexual Contexts: For this, I would urge to concentrate on lecture notes as I will test primarily from there. Male & Female Sexual Anatomy Be able to label all anatomical structures and have knowledge of their function as it relates to sexual behavior and reproduction Sexual Arousal and Response Understand the function of important hormones and where they are produced in the body
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Unformatted text preview: • Understand how the various senses contribute to sexual arousal and response. What sense(s) are the most critical for sexual arousal and response? Are there sex differences? • Be able to describe Master’s and Johnson’s 4 Phase Model of Sexual Arousal and Response? What occurs in men and women during each phase? Conception, Pregnancy and Birth • Understand the developmental progress (for the embryo/fetus) during each trimester of pregnancy • Know and understand the possible complications of pregnancy o Ectopic pregnancy o Miscarriage o Preterm birth • Know the difference between each of the methods used for prenatal testing. o Amniocentesis o Chorionic Villus Sampling o Ultrasound • What occurs in each of the three stages of birth? • Describe the major differences between giving birth in a hospital vs. stand-alone birthing centers vs. home birth • When can a couple resume sexual activity after birth?...
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