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Lecture 1 - Contexts of Sexuality and Research - 01-06-10

Lecture 1 - Contexts of Sexuality and Research - 01-06-10 -...

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1 Contexts of Sexuality & Research Sexual Literacy Sexual literacy: is a complex set of abilities needed to access, comprehend, critically evaluate, and effectively utilize the mainstream sexual systems of a culture for personal, interpersonal, and communal development. Sexual literacy involves the ability to both gather and construct meaning from sexual information and make it comprehensible for the whole person in all aspects of life influences/informs decisions you make Sexual Intelligence Four components of sexual intelligence: Understanding self Having interpersonal sexual skills and integrity Obtaining accurate scientific sexual knowledge Having consideration of the cultural context of sexuality Increasing sexual intelligence will allow for responsible decisions in sexual behavior Diversity in the United States What factors contribute to diversity and similarity of sexual attitudes and behaviors within the United States?
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2 Studying Sexuality: From A Psychosocial Orientation A Psychosocial Orientation takes into account: Psychological factors - Emotions, attitudes, motivations Social conditioning factors - Process which we learn our social norms Biological factors - Hormones, nervous system, genetics, etc. Cross-Cultural Perspectives Islamic Middle East Based on beliefs of Muhammad Belief that sex should be enjoyed by both sexes Women viewed inherently more sexual than men (this power contained by veils, segregation, female circumcision) Oppression of women and many sexually related restrictions stem from patriarchal cultural traditions and fundamentalist sects, not from religion and the teaching of the Qur’an Cross-Cultural Perspectives China Sexual conservatism with communist rule (1949) Lack of basic information about sexuality Sex outside of marriage and frequent sex within marriage discouraged Almost no STDS Current trends
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Lecture 1 - Contexts of Sexuality and Research - 01-06-10 -...

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