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NPB 132 Schedule: Fall Quarter 2009 Lecture Topic Lecturer Hours Date Conflicts Intro Warden 1 25-Sep Exercise Phinney 1 28-Sep Energetics Phinney 1 30-Sep Ketogenic diets Phinney 1 2-Oct Stomach Size and appetite Haus 1 5-Oct Study Section High Fructose Corn Syrup Phinney 1 7-Oct Study Section Fatty Acids -- good and bad news Phinney 1 9-Oct Integrative obesity hormones Warden 1 12-Oct Integrative obesity hormones Warden 1 14-Oct Social Networks and gut microbes Perroud 1 16-Oct Death Rates and obesity Warden 1 19-Oct Inflamation Phinney 1 21-Oct Lipogenesis (we are not just what we eat) Phinney 1 23-Oct Review Warden 1 26-Oct Hours to Midterm Midterm Exam 1 14 28-Oct Maternal genetic effects Haus 1 30-Oct Mitochondria and PGC1 alpha Warden 1 2-Nov Anorexia --- death and  biochemistry
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Unformatted text preview: Warden 1 4-Nov Evidence obesity is genetic Warden 1 6-Nov Common obesity genes Warden 1 9-Nov Melanocortins and appetite Warden 1 11-Nov Adipocytes are active Warden 1 13-Nov Diets/Food Pyramid Warden 1 16-Nov Bariatric surgery Warden 1 18-Nov Resveratrol and red wine Pratt 1 20-Nov New drugs/hormones Warden 1 23-Nov Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAPratt 1 25-Nov Why do humans have obesity genes? Warden 1 30-Nov Video -- My big fat diet Phinney/H 1 2-Dec Review Haus 1 4-Dec Hours to Final Total Hours 30 15 Final Exam 7-Dec 8:00am-10:00am Lecturer Key Craig Warden Steve Phinney Kari Haus Serena Pratt Bertrand Perroud...
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