NPB132Midterm2008 - Name NPB132 Midterm There should be 7...

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Unformatted text preview: Name____________________ NPB132 Midterm October 29, 2008 There should be 7 pages (including this one). Please count and make sure that they are all present and write your name on the top of each page. Point values for each question are noted in parenthesis. READ the directions and try and keep answers confined to the available space. Good luck! 1 Name____________________ True / False: WRITE OUT true or false for each statement. If the statement is false, WRITE a sentence explaining why the statement is false. (3 points each) 1.) _____ Epidemiological studies provide the "gold standard" when it comes to showing causation in medical research. 2.) _____ 1 gram of high fructose corn sweetener is sweeter than 1 gram of sucrose (table sugar). 3.) _____ Sucrose is a disaccharide made up of glucose and fructose. In the body, fructose stimulates an insulin response, but glucose does not. 4.) _____ Eating a large volume of low calorie foods like soup and celery will help you to lose weight because a high volume of food in your stomach makes you full for the rest of the day. 5.) _____ Omega 3 fats and omega 6 fats are essential fatty acids because the human body is unable to synthesize these fats and must get them from ingested foods. 6.) _____ The high ratio of omega 3 fats (more) to omega 6 (less) fats in the typical American diet may promote excess inflammation and immune suppression. Definitions: Define the following terms. If there is an acronym, please state what the acronym stands for as well as a sentence defining the term (2 points each) 7.) healthy-user bias: 8.) placebo effect: 9.) polyunsaturated fatty acid: 10.) monozygotic twins: 11.) BMI: 2 Name____________________...
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NPB132Midterm2008 - Name NPB132 Midterm There should be 7...

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