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NPB132Final2008for2009 - Name NPB132 Final Exam There...

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Name:_______________ NPB132 Final Exam December 10, 2008 There should be 7 pages (including this one). Please count and make sure they are all present. Write your name on the top of each page. Please try and keep answers confined to the available space. Good Luck! 1
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Name:_______________ 8. List and briefly describe the four diets used in the A TO Z diet trial. Explain the study outcomes at 12 months regarding weight loss, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and blood pressure. (12 points) 9. According to the paper, "Dynamics of fat cell turnover in humans", do human adults increase their fat cell number when they gain weight? What happens to fat cells when adults lose weight? What does this suggest about long-term outcomes of weight loss in obese individuals? What may be the long-term outcome of the increasing prevalence of childhood obesity? (8 points) Name:_______________ 11A. In the paper discussing three year weight change in members of the National Weight Control Registry, how did the low carb dieters compare to the "control" non- low carb dieters in the following aspects: (4 points) amount of exercise: weight regain at 1 year: weight regain at 2 years: 2
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