73 m x 4 3 176 x 136 km position vector is a function

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Unformatted text preview: g h ) x = 0.73 m, x = 4' 3 176 ", x = !13.6 km ! Position vector is a function of time • E x a m p le s fo r p r o p e r 1 d p o s itio n v e c to r s ( S I- u n it m , + o r - ) X(t) X(t1) t1 t 3 August 31, 2006 Physics for Scientists&Engineers 1 4 • Notation for the time-dependent position vector: x(t) • Notation: Vector x at some specific time t1: x(t1)=x1 August 31, 2006 Physics for Scientists&Engineers 1 Case 1: constant speed Case 2: speeding up Case 3: coming to a halt G r a p h s o f t h e P o s it io n V e c t o r ! We can dispense with the car and simply record the location of its center, obtaining a graph of position vector vs. time D is p la c e m e n t ! Displacement = difference between final position and initial position, !x = x2 " x1 ( x1 # x(t1 ), x2 # x(t 2 )) ! Displacement is a vector, just like position; can be negative ! Displacement is independent of choice of origin of coordinate system (unlike position) ! Displacement for going from point b to point a is exactly the negative of going from point a to point b: Typical of mot...
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