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Transaction ID: 5007403/BTEC (For Office Use Only) Page 1 of 3 Details of Admission Test Fee/Processing Charges Course Name B.TECH. ONLY DD/C.R. No. with date 954359, 25-02-2010 Amount (Rs.) 600 Instructions: ___________ 1.Read the Guide to Admissions 2010-2011 carefully before filling in this Application Form 2.The Guide to Admissions and other instructions are available on our website 3. Candidate should fill the Application Form in his/her own hand writing USING CAPITAL LETTERS. 4. Aligarh shall be the Test Centre for all courses (1) Course Applied For: B.TECH. ONLY (2) Faculty: (3) Tick any one for Class XI (Science)/Diploma Engg. Combined Admission Test Only (Candidates should mention thier preference for combinations/branches in column No. 4) XI (Science) only Diploma Engg. only (4) Order of Preference of Branches of Study/Specialization/Course alongwith Course Code(s) i) COMPUTER C O B T ii) ELECTRONICS L E B T iii) ELECTRICAL E E B T iv) MECHANICAL M E B T v) CIVIL C E B T vi) CHEMICAL K E B T vii)PETROCHEMICAL P K B T viii)---------- ix) ---------- (Applicable to MBBS/BDS, B.Tech., Class XI/Dip. in Engg.) XI/Diploma in Engg.* MBBS/BDS, B.TECH. 2 ALIGARH 1 LUCKNOW BHOPAL HYDERABAD KOLKATA KOZHIKODE (6) Status: EXTERNAL 7(a) Enrolment No. 7(b) Hall (Code only) (Internal/External) (For the candidates enrolled at AMU, Aligarh) (8) Name of the Candidate: (Mr./Ms.) A B H I S H E K S I N G H A L (As in HS/SS Certificate) (9) Date of Birth Day Month Year (10) Gender(M/F) M (11) Nationality INDIAN 2 4 0 7 1 9 9 1 (12) Father's Name VINOD KUMAR AGARAWAL (13) Mother's Name SUMAN SINGHAL (14) Corresspondence Address 3 , N E W A D A C O L O N Y N Y A Y M A R G District ALLAHABAD State U P Pin 2 1 1 0 0 1 Tel./Mobile No. 09935765869 Email [email protected] (15) Special Category Code i) ii) iii) (16) Gate Score / Passing year / (Attach Attested Certificate)
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This note was uploaded on 03/01/2010 for the course ELECTRONIC 12345 taught by Professor Xyz during the Summer '10 term at Punjab Engineering College.

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Amu - Details of Admission Test Fee/Processing Charges Page...

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