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clc; clear all; alpha0 = 1.7; lamda0 = 0.85; x = [700:1:1700]; Ralpha = alpha0*((lamda0/0.7)^4);% ghatak and thyagrajan page nummber 41 for i = x(1,2):x(1,1001) i = i/1000; Ralpha = [Ralpha,alpha0*((lamda0/i)^4)]; i = i*1000; end x = x/1000; plot(x,Ralpha,'r'); xlabel(' wavelength (micro meter)
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Unformatted text preview: -------->'); ylabel(' Rayleigh scattering (dB/km) --------->'); grid; lamda = input('enter the wavelength in micrometer at which loss is to be calculated = '); Ralpha = alpha0*((lamda0/lamda)^4); disp('rayleigh scattering at given wavelength(dB/km)is ='); disp(Ralpha);...
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