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clc; clear all; d = input('diameter of core in micrometer=');%0.3 to 25 micrometer n1axis = input('index at core axis=');%n1=1.4 to 1.5 n2 = input('index of cladding=');%n2=1.4 to 1.5, n2<n1 alpha = input('enter profile parameter=');%alpha=1 to infinite a = d/2; NAaxis = (((n1axis)^2)-(n2^2))^(1/2); %v number x = [800:1:2000]; y = [(pi*d*NAaxis)/800]; for i = x(1,2):x(1,1201) i = i/1000; k = 2*pi/i; y = [y,(k*d*NAaxis/2)]; i = i*1000; end x = x/1000; Vc = 2.405*(1+(2/alpha)); CutoffWavelength = pi*d*NAaxis/Vc; %CutoffWavelength = round(CutoffWavelength); disp('cutoff wavlengtha(nm)=') disp(CutoffWavelength); plot(x,y); hold on h = stem(CutoffWavelength,Vc,'LineWidth',1);% indicating the cutoff wavlength on graph by a stem set(h,'MarkerFaceColor','red'); hold off annotation('textbox', 'Position',[0.7571 0.8276 0.1321 0.0524], 'FitHeightToText','off','BackgroundColor',[1 0.6431 1], 'String',{sprintf('Cutoff
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Unformatted text preview: wavelength= %s',. .. int2str(CutoffWavelength))}); title('variation of normalized frequency with wavelength in graded index fibers'); xlabel('wavelength(micro meter)--->'); ylabel('V(unitless)--->'); grid; Lamda = input('operating Wavelength in micrometer at which number of modes to be calculated in micro meter ='); Vnumber = pi*d*NAaxis/Lamda; disp('V number='); disp(Vnumber); %if Vnumber <= 2.405*(1+(2/alpha)); %disp('fiber is single mode fiber'); %else %disp('fiber is multi mode fiber'); %end Ms = (alpha/(alpha+2))*((Vnumber^2)/2); disp('number of modes at operating wavelength='); Ms = round(Ms); disp(Ms); if Ms ==1 disp('fiber is single mode fiber'); else disp('fiber is multi mode fiber'); end...
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