experiment_9 - end x = x/1000; plot(x,alphaUV,'r');...

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%calculation of ultra violet absorption loss of fiber. clc; clear all; E0 = -1.933; x = [700:1:1700]; %wavelength alphaUV = exp(1.24/(.7*E0)) %Ultra violet loss for i = x(1,2):x(1,1001) i = i/1000; alphaUV = [alphaUV,exp(1.24/(i*E0))]; i = i*1000;
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Unformatted text preview: end x = x/1000; plot(x,alphaUV,'r'); title('Ultra violet absoption loss with wavelength','FontWeight','bold'); xlabel('wavelength(micrometer)------>'); ylabel('Ultra violet absorption loss(dB/km)---->'); grid;...
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