experiment 16 (2) - produce of polyesters for fibers,...

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Hong Le Chemistry 1A A) What did I learn? 1. I learned how to find the GMW of solute by freezing point depression. 2. I learned how to construe the freezing point of a substance. 3. I learned to reduce the solution to have the freezing point depression. B) Investigation 1) People spray their tomato plants with water to protect them from freezing because if we don’t do it, it can cause a disease from tomato. Tap water, salt, and other ions can cause the freezing depression of tomatoes. 2) Salt: can cause serious and severe refuse in soil efficiency and crop yields, used sensibly and selectively for the environment. Urea: the progression of urea-N is recycled to the rumen along with used by the rumen bugs to create microbial protein represents recovered protein utilization effectiveness, and recovered the effectiveness equates to minor feed costs. Ethylene glycol: two-thirds of ethylene glycol is applied as a chemical intermediary in the
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Unformatted text preview: produce of polyesters for fibers, films, bottles, etc., with an extra one-quarter used as antifreeze in engine coolants. 3) CMA recommends these advances: Low Corrosion (regarding as corrosive as tap water), Safe for Concrete (an end to harm than from water), Excellent inhibitor (decreases chloride corrosion), Safe for the environment (small toxicity and biodegradable), Residual effect (needs smaller amount submissions), and Multi-purpose (apply directly, with salt, sand, or liquid). 4) The salt which is used to be the most effective for melting ice is sodium because the majority of sodium salt is soluble, so it can be suspended in ice to melt the ice. C) References: http://www.reimerseeds.com/ContainerGardening.aspx http://www.saltsense.co.uk/deicing-environ01.htm http://www.who.int/ipcs/publications/cicad/en/cicad22.pdf http://www.peterschemical.com/calcium-magnesium-acetate/...
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experiment 16 (2) - produce of polyesters for fibers,...

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