Lab 6 Fun with water

Lab 6 Fun with water - Hong Le Chemistry 1A What did you...

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Hong Le Chemistry 1A March 05, 2009 What did you learn? First I learned about the differences between pure water and salt water. Next, I also learned to purify polluted water by using Al2(SO4)3, Ca(OH)2, sand and charcoal. What do you think? 1/ Which impurity particles are larger, the one causing the water to be cloudy or the one causing the water to smell? Explain why. The particles causing the cloudiness are larger. In fact they are generally larger than the spaces between the small sand grains; thus they got trapped and separated out by the sand filtration. The odor-causing particles must have been too small to be caught by the sand, so they passed straight through. 2/ What is the purpose of adding aluminum sulfate and calcium hydroxide in step 2 and 3? Write the pertinent balanced equation. Adding Al2(SO4)3 and Ca(OH)2 can precipitate Al2(SO4)3 to solid while the reacting. Al2(SO4)3 + Ca(OH)2 CaSO4 + Al(OH)3 3/ What is activated carbon and why is it used for water purification? Activated carbon is a appearance of carbon that can process to make it really porous and have a large surface area for the reaction. Activated carbon can also make unwanted representation become a solution like oil or odor in purification. 4/ Since activated carbon did the best job of purifying water, why did you waste time doing the first two procedures: sedimentation and sand filtration? Should you simply add charcoal and filter? We must do sedimentation and sand filtration first because it helps charcoal to make some molecules. Charcoal cannot soak up all the impurity once time with filtration. In addition, sedimentation also helps
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Lab 6 Fun with water - Hong Le Chemistry 1A What did you...

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