Nitrogen - Nitrogen The source is about nitrogens...

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Nitrogen The source is about nitrogen’s occurrence and its usage. Nitrogen ranks fifth in cosmic abundance. It occurs in the Earth’s atmosphere to extent of 78% by volume, or about 75% by weigh. Moreover, it can also be found in many meteorites, in gases, and in some stars. Inorganic nitrogen compounds from soil helps plants synthesize their proteins and grow up rapidly. Nitrogen is quite inert at ordinary temperatures, and according to its inertness, it is used in the chemical industry. To illustrate, in the gas state, nitrogen is used as a diluents; in the liquid state, it is suitable to be utilized as freeze- during food, and also has proved useful in cryogenic research. I would recommend this source highly. It is relevant to the topic of nitrogen’s occurrence and how nitrogen is utilized in the chemical industry. The source is organized and developed as it first introduced about nitrogen’s occurrence, then its usage is gradually developed with several exemplifications. The source with vocabulary and grammar is very clear, appropriate, and impartial to academic readers. It is not only very organized, but also is a trustworthy source because there is an APA format, which is considered to be a witness of academic writing. The web with a source is about impacts of nitrogen on human health and environmental quality. Nitrogen is used as nutrient to benefit the growing of crops. Moreover it is affecting human health. Knowing that making and using it at higher levels does not mean
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Nitrogen - Nitrogen The source is about nitrogens...

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