Carthage vs. Rome

Carthage vs. Rome - Bennett LaPrade History 226 Paper#1...

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Bennett LaPrade February 10, 2010 History 226 Paper #1 After recounting the unfortunate results of the Punic Wars for Carthage, it is evident that Carthage was at much of a disadvantage and could have learned much from the Romans. From the beginnings at Messina to the defeat of Hannibal at Zama, Carthage appeared to be doomed for the entirety of the wars. Rome possessed many strong characteristics such as great manpower, stronger resolve, and more organized politics. Even when the Carthaginians had advantages, such as gaining the support of upset and bitter Roman allies, they failed to recognize them. The first factor that Rome had as an advantage was in its numbers. It was noted quite frequently that Romans could amass forces over 100,000 and it was stated that Roman forces never fell below twenty- five legions. Therefore Rome could send forces to Spain, Africa, Greece, and still have strong numbers still residing in Italy. When Philip of Macedonia appeared as a supporter of Carthage, Rome was able to send forces there to hold off any aid that the Greeks may have sent. Rome also developed a powerful navy throughout the courses of the Punic Wars even when Carthage’s strength was their navy. The generals of Rome also seemed to outmatch those of Carthage as well. It might not have so much been the generals but instead “the fighting qualities of her soldiers and sailors,” as John Lazenby stated. The Roman navy eventually adopted a device called a Corvus that reflected the ingenuity of the Roman forces
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Carthage vs. Rome - Bennett LaPrade History 226 Paper#1...

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