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New Class Particles and Symmetries Physics 248, Spring 2008 Instructor: Laurence Yaffe Prerequisites: Ph 228 and either Ph 315 or Ph 324. Curious about special relativity? Antiparticles? Quarks and leptons? Neutrinos? This spring a new course, Particles and Symmetries , will be offered as Phys 248 (Introductory Selected Topics). It will an introduction to the fundamental constituents of matter and the symmetries which characterize their interactions. Course goals: Learn about the fundamental symmetries of nature, including Lorentz invariance, the “building blocks” of the current standard model, the importance of symmetries in characterizing the interactions of particles, and key experimental evi- dence on which the standard model is based. Gain extensive experience in practical
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Unformatted text preview: special relativity, and in the use of order of magnitude estimates relevant for inter-preting and/or judging the feasibility of a variety of modern physics experiments. Tentative syllabus (subject to change): Week 1: Special relativity Week 2: Spacetime physics Week 3: Known particles Week 4: Known interactions Week 5: Quarks Week 6: Symmetries Week 7: Electromagnetic interactions Week 8: Force carriers and the standard model Week 9: CP violation and neutrino oscillations Week 10: Frontiers Texts: Introduction to Relativity by John Kogut and Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics by Das and Ferbel. There will also be extensive notes provided on the Web....
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